Back in the Saddle Again

Hey, whoa! It’s me! Writing a blog post! This is kind of surprising, because things got weird there for a while and I disappeared.


Kind of like this! …Kind of.

Things That Got Weird

  • I changed jobs a bunch of times. So many times that sometimes I just make something up so that I don’t have to talk about it, which is why a few people are under the impression that I’m an astronaut with the Israeli Space Agency.
  • A death in the family. It was and continues to be the worst. I give it 0 out of 10, would not recommend.
  • A car crash that totaled my car on the way home from the funeral. Have your airbags ever deployed? Here’s a helpful heads up — they smoke. It’s not the car that’s on fire. Quit panicking, you look ridiculous.
  • An engagement. It is and continues to be the best! I give it 10 out of 10, would recommend. (Although I would also advise that there seems to be more to wedding planning than buying a dress and then wandering into a beautiful room where there is cake, which is sort of what I’d envisioned. Also I guess I have to learn Pinterest now?)
  • I had a lot of episodes of “Murder She Wrote” to catch up on.

I was worried I’d never see you guys again. I was worried I’d never not see you again, actually, because this is a blog. You can’t see the faces I make while I’m writing it, and I can’t see the faces you make while you’re reading it, and I think this is for the best.

Grimace Bird View Head Stupid The Ostrich

This is the face I make the entire time I’m writing. My mouth gets very dry.

For a while, I was sort of ok with never not seeing you again. You should know that it wasn’t you—it was me! I was sad, of course, but I thought it might be alright if we went our separate ways. We’d go back to being a bunch of people who have never seen each other, which is not at all different from who we are now, except that you wouldn’t have to look at as many pictures of my cats.

“It’s the end of an era,” I thought sadly, as I watched Jessica Fletcher rescue one of her 300 20-something nephews from jail, where he’d been wrongfully imprisoned for murder. Then I got distracted by Mrs. Fletcher’s cardigan and moved on.


Cabot Cove: The murder capital of the world, the fashion capital of my heart.

But when I woke up on January 1, something had changed. There was an empty hole inside my soul where this blog had been. There were a million other things I was burning to do, too, and it was a brand-new year! So help me, I am going to do them all! I am a phoenix, soaring out of the ashes of 2016—the stupidest year in the history of time—and into the brilliant light of 2017. Also, they took “Murder She Wrote” off Netflix, so I have more free time.

This is it! This is the year everything lines up for old Stephanie Summar.

Among other things…

  • It’s the year I get back to blogging regularly!
  • It’s the year I run 365 miles in 365 days, inspired by my friend Jeff (even though I already hate it and it’s making my entire body sore, including my hair and teeth)!
  • It’s the year in which I drink no soda!
  • It’s the year I finally figure out how to spell “occurred” and “sheriff” right on the first try! (Nope, didn’t get it that time. Thanks, spell check!)
  • It’s the year in which I return phone calls. Even the ones from strangers.

Believe me, I could go on. I’ve made 10,000 New Year’s resolutions, and I’m going to accomplish every single one of them through the use of a hyper-organized Google calendar, numerous color-coded Post-It notes and the kind of willpower guaranteed to frighten my loved ones away forever.

I don’t know what your face looks like or what your New Year’s resolutions are, but I bet both of them are awesome. Who knows what 2017 will bring? All I know is that if you thought you were done looking at pictures of Winston and Ike, you thought wrong.

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 9.46.13 PM.png

I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.


  1. Leslie Holt

    I was just thinking about you and your beautiful writing and posts and wondering where you were. Thank you for continuing. You inspire me, you really do, and it fills me with awe how rich and personal the blogger and bloggee relationship can be, despite perhaps never, ever meeting beyond the words. Thank you. All the very best as you sit with your sadness, heal from the injuries, embrace the changing work field(s), and thrive in love, and kick ass in 2017.
    —a fan

  2. motherhendiaries

    Ah… you stole the words right out of my own heart when you wrote this blog post about not writing blog posts. Well, all except the part about the funeral. And the car wreck. And the love of turtleneck sweaters and all things Angela Lansbury…
    Great to see you back! I’m trying to up my posts now from once a month to twice. Thought I’d break myself in easy-like. I don’t want to pull a creative muscle or anything. :-) xx Mother Hen

  3. Susannah Ailene Martin

    Have you ever had that feeling where you feel guilty because you haven’t written something in a long, so you don’t even want to think about going back and trying again? That’s kinda how I feel when I forget to blog for a while.
    Good to see you back, though. I do enjoy reading your posts. Oh, and if you want to see what I look like, look at my profile pic.

  4. The Great Unwashed

    This makes me want to call you and leave a message. An awkward one. About how I’m a stranger who’s calling you.

    God bless cell phones and unlisted phone numbers -they make for more normal interactions. Blogs on the other hand.

  5. klyse3

    Welcome back! hate to hear about all the 0/10 experiences last year :/ Here’s to 2017 being better!

    Your resolutions sound ambitious and wonderful! I might have to steal the 365 miles one next year. Do you do a mile every day? Or just 365 throughout the whole year? Are you running any races? I’m very curious!

  6. Laurie C

    I just started listening to Listful Thinking as part of my New Year’s resolution to get organized and GET MORE DONE. (As long as I can listen to audiobooks while I’m accomplishing stuff.) So I just found your blog, and welcome back! I also had an unplanned hiatus from blogging. After starting a new job, I just couldn’t seem to write a blog post, but 2017 is also my year to come back because I missed blogging. Good luck!

  7. Chili padi

    I really like the colour coded calendar plan you got going! and the idea of being able to get those words correct is such an accomplishment to gain… the word silhouette is the one I struggle with hahaha. Im also a fairly new blogger, usually write drafts and may not ever post but for once 2017 will be the year I’ll post more regularly. Reading your has given me some motivation. Kudos on you for that :)

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