1. Why did you start this blog?

Listful Thinking started in 2010 as a college assignment. I could have deleted it at the end of the semester, but I didn’t because I’m incredibly lazy. I still haven’t. I’ll get around to it.

2. What’s up with the lists?

The original assignment was to create a blog about something we were interested in. I made a list of things I like (turtles, pie, thinking about astronauts, etc.), but none of the items seemed like I’d get a semester’s worth of writing out of them. Then I made a list of things I don’t like (wearing pants, snakes, those fake testicles on trucks, etc.) just to see if hatred would fuel a semester of blogging any better, but that didn’t work either. I made at least six more lists before I realized they all had something in common: notebook paper. I made two more lists about notebooks before I realized that maybe lists were the things I liked most.

Oh. Also, I’m super anal.

3. Is that your real hair color?

No. I’m a blonde. I don’t like to talk about it.


Unless it’s in the context of this photo.

4. Do you write lists by request?

Also no. Not even by my own request sometimes, which goes back to that “incredibly lazy” thing. Lists are pretty easy to write, though. Here, I’ll show you how:

Lists for the Listless

Step #1: Give your list a title. Preferably one with a pun. I love puns.
Step #2: Decide how you’re going to separate the items on your list. You can use numbers, or hyphens  or whatever your heart desires. Aren’t lists magical?
Step #3: Include at least three items in your list. Any fewer is cheating.

5. Say, this isn’t Japanese porn.

As far as I know, this blog doesn’t contain any of that at all; I’m not sure why this search term brings so many people here. However you got here, I’m happy to have you! Come for the non-existent adult films, stay for the bullet points.

6. Is your work copyrighted?

It sure is! Thanks for asking. Please don’t repost any of my lists without attribution and a link to the original source.

7. Are you really this neurotic in real life?

Oh yes. Charmingly so?

13. Sometimes you mis-number lists and your ‘About’ page is a mess. You seem bad at math.

That’s true. And hurtful. I like to think I have qualities that make up for my mathematical failings. I make a mean pumpkin pie and one time I won a spelling bee. So.


  1. herschelian

    When I make my lists, I have to refer to them on my ‘List of Lists’ and so find myself frantically searching through a heap of paper trying to find the appropriate list to use…
    Also,on my everyday list I sometimes include one or two items I’ve already done so that I can encourage myself by crossing them off straight away – do you think that is permissable? Or should I seek therapy?

  2. kittykatsbitsandbobs

    I love your writing! You are very funny.
    I’m new to this game and am up to learn as much as I can. I noticed you copyright your writing, can I ask how this is done? Not that my writing is worth stealing! But as I said, I like to know things! Maybe one day it’ll be worth copywriting!
    Thanks! x
    ps list-lover here too!

  3. Don Royster

    I love making lists of books I plan to read and never get around to. I have lists of novels I plan to write but know that I will never have the time. Also I have lists of research projects for the novels I will never get around to writing. Do these count as listmania?

  4. lizziearias

    I’m going to love looking around your blog,one thing caught my eye though…..”Freshly pressed button” all im gonna say is :
    1.Can I be you when I grow up?
    2.I’m turning green!lol

  5. evmoog

    If anyone tells you this blog is average, they are really mean. But seriously I am trying to do my work here at the orange juice factory but I almost got fired because I was reading your blog and couldn’t concentrate.

  6. Meredith M. Temple

    Hey, fun blog! I’m a new blogger and am doing a lot of scanning and reading. Score one for your lists for being easy on the searcher’s eyes. Score another for drawing the eyes in long enough to let me determine I likes what I sees. You have plenty of positive comments and followers, so I will refrain from scoring you even more points for this or that. Absent a third “score” I will keep this in a prose paragraph because I am not a list-cheater. Keep on, Listful Thinking!

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