A Bushel and a Peck and a Hug Around the Neck

Things We Need To Stop Doing

  • Believing that celery is a food and not just a gross, non-toxic weed
  • Pretending Pinterest makes any sense at all
  • Wearing those jeans with the crazy rhinestone pockets on the butt
  • Making Minion-themed memes (They don’t make sense! Why are the Minions there? Why do they suddenly have all these opinions about marriage and final exams?)
  • Claiming cake is better than pie
  • This:


You can read more thoughts on the horror that is hugging here. I’ll be on Amazon, ordering a large plastic bubble to live in.


  1. chrysaliswithaview

    You are correct. Cake is just equally as good as pie :) I almost never say no to either one, and I would never quibble if I were offered one that I would prefer the other. Unless both were there, then I would have some of both. Because someone has to do the hard jobs. I am familiar with your shovel full of love thing. My husband gets loved in a lot of similar ways, but not because we’re fighting, just because I’m incredibly clumsy. Right now, he has some residual sunburn of love, because I forgot to buy him sunscreen this summer and then I took him to the beach on holiday. I’m not overly huggy, but what really worries me is the amount of really skinny people I know that are huggy. I worry about crushing them.

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