Freshly Pressed

I wrote these things! The gods of the internet featured them on “Freshly Pressed”! I sacrificed several sheep in gratitude!*

heirarchyFashion! Turn to the Left.

527591_10150656718493668_233749286_nHanging on the Telephone

silenceThe Sounds of Silence

wonkaI’ve Got a Bike, You Can Ride It If You Like

blobfishAwkward City

Dream_Come_True_-_A_Flock_of_SeagullsA Handbook for the Recently Unemployed

ehowHow to Use eHow to Turn Yourself into a Comedic Force to be Reckoned With

This is a dumb page, but the link for the About page looked so lonely in the header that I had to do something.

*I did not sacrifice any sheep. But not for lack of trying.