Hi! I’m Stephanie, and I like lists almost as much as I like overusing parenthetical statements.

I like bullet points, which you can tell are dangerous because they involve the word “bullet”. I like numbered lists. Why stop at whole numbers? Let’s use decimals, fractions, and imaginary numbers! (Decimals are fractions and I don’t really know or care enough about imaginary numbers to talk about them or Google them intelligently. For all I know, a list based on the number i would render the list itself imaginary. In that case, pretend I’ve made that list, and it’s imaginary, and that’s why you can’t find it.) I even like checklists.

Listful Thinking’s Manifesto:

– I believe everything can be categorized and listed.

– I believe the world needs more lists.

– I believe in miracles since you came along, you sexy thing.

Listful Thinking’s Opposite-of-a-Manifesto:

– I don’t believe in keeping snakes as pets.

– I don’t believe I can fly.

– I don’t believe in life after love. What am I supposed to do, sit around and wait for you? Well I can’t do that.

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    • Stephanie

      Hi Greg!
      I just got around to approving comments so yours should pop up here pretty soon. I love your website and it would be great to see a Twitter post illustrated, so I say go for it! Thanks for thinking of me!

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  2. Sam

    Your blog is just plain awesome. I can only hope one day to be as awesome as you. And yes, if you were wondering.. I’m now going to stalk you on Twitter. Muahahahaha

    • Stephanie

      Ha. Well, I’ll be the one with the annoying Twitter feed, if that helps with your stalking. It doesn’t take much to be like me. Just sit around a lot and worry a lot more than is necessary. Mission accomplished.

  3. Erynn Elizabeth

    I get you man. I totally get you.
    I just read that awkward city post, and I was like… Oh my god, I just recently left MY number on the back of a receipt for a waiter that I believe is the most handsome man ever, and now that he hasn’t called me, I’m contemplating casually stalking him.
    People underestimate the value of a casual stalk- you know I’ve heard that simply seeing someone frequently can make you notice them and/or fall in love and decide you want them to be the mother of your children and maybe grow old and clean each other’s dentures together, drink lemonade, oh I don’t know, join a zumba class.
    All I’m saying is there’s still hope. There’s still hope that we could each snag an extremely good-looking waiter.
    I could be wrong about this, but I imagine he would be very sweet about always clearing the table after dinner.

  4. Joe Boomer

    Steph, Great job. I was immediately hooked with your post Awkward City! I’ve started my blog only recently, mostly as an experiment. I value good writing most, and your’s is absolutely the best! I think like you write. But NOW, I’m thinking I should be writing like I’m thinking… I know you’ll appreciate that!

    I was proud to have my post mentioned on a side bar next to yours!
    It would have been very easy for me to say “Hmmph why is hers listed with a big picture and header?”
    (Of course I didn’t!)
    But IF I did, once I read your post
    (Of course I did!)
    It would have been immediately apparent yours was just right where it belonged! Great Job!

  5. Honie Briggs

    Hi Stephanie,
    You have it right. I am a lady and my name is also Stephanie. I think your blog is amazing and I just want to congratulate you on being Freshly Pressed. (that’s how I found Listful Thinking) I have a friend who calls me The Stefanator so, I’ll just say this about your blog, I’ll be back!

  6. liajoe

    Hello Stephanie,

    Quite a character! I really like your blog and I wish I was as funny as you are!! You can be my friend, although, l also find it hard to believe that you have no friends :)

  7. kdevries

    Even your “about” page made me laugh out loud! I want you to know that many of your posts crack me up. I recently wrote a post about my desire to recognize blogs that do this for me (actually it was about a condescending wench, but it got there eventually). As a result of my ramblings, I created an award called the LOL Award and am presenting it to five bloggers who crack me up. Consider yourself “officially presented.”

    Check out the original post and see what you think (http://twyste.com/2012/01/24/the-crack-up-award/).

    And, know that I enjoy your blog and you make me laugh! I’ll be including a list of all the “winners” in Friday’s post.

  8. Emily

    I. Love. This. Lists and organization make the world so much better (and neater). I knew I was getting good roommates in college when one of the girls made a list and sent it to me.

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  10. alanatphotography

    i definitely feel like we would be fast friends.
    i shall stalk you to find out more.

    that sounds creepier than intended. what i mean is: i enjoy your writing. i’m glad wordpress suggested you.

  11. anamateurlife

    From reading your posts and your ‘about me’, you sound so much like me. I love lists. A new list (or more as the need arises) a day is a satisfying thing to do. I also hate hugs (and other physical displays of affection). I too love food (off to my first slimming world tonight as I clearly cannot be trusted around food) but am as happy eating.. well, I’m just happy eating. Keep your posts coming. Really enjoying them :)

  12. Henry Chamberlain

    There is something fun and very cool going on here. I’m happy every time I read one of your post. Our blogs have some similarities. I jump around from various subjects and tones. I use lists now and then so I could learn from you. It’s a great way to convey info, for sure. Being authentic, that’s what matters the most.

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  14. Talking Qalam

    Hilarious! Btw I love lists too!! Seriously. Not being funny at all ;)
    Your writing made me press the follow button. Look forward to more!


  15. The Bumble Files

    You are hilarious! I’ll follow you anywhere. I enjoy lists as well, can’t do without them really. I just read your post on The Outlier Collective and now I see that you’ve been Freshly Pressed, too! Congratulations to you! – Amy

  16. writingbolt

    You broke my math brain with all the list and number talk:P You have a sort of youthful Tina Fey vibe going on here. Is that you really making a list on a wall? Why not snakes instead of turtles? Other than snakes being meat-eaters. I think a snake would be a bit more interesting than a turtle. I’ve had the pet turtle. It wasn’t very fun or exciting to keep. But, it did outlive most other pets:P You’d never want to fly like a superhero? What happens if I click the link-y phrases above?

  17. mollytopia

    Gasp – I love lists, too! That’s how I found you: I’m going through the WP list of how to find blogs you like – hooray! I found yours – check! Nice to meet you : )

  18. epicaldragon13

    I really enjoy your posts, but I think if you wanna write lists on the wall, try whiteboards instead. I’m sure those Landlords would agree with me! :)

  19. seyant

    Uh, I sort of love you a little. Which, now that I think about it, sounds mildly creepy, lol. I share your love for itemized lists, parentheses (though I almost love brackets more), writing, combating various epiphanies and mid-life crises, and buttered noodles. Just sayin’.

  20. Steffy286

    Hi Stephanie!

    You sure have lots of followers around here! Let me count myself in. I could use some serious good laugh. Btw, I use parenthetical statement a lot and my name is Stephanie! :)

  21. Alexandra van Wijk

    Hey Stephanie, you are just about the funniest blogger I have found so far. Thanks for spreading the joy. X

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  23. Wade Abbott

    As a not-even-trying-to-change-my-ways list maker, I think I’ve found my new favorite blog! Why, you might ask? Because:
    1. It’s darn funny.
    2. I love your lists.
    3. I’m a list maker. My mom has picture of me from when I was young kid carefully making out a list. She still hangs it on her fridge.
    4. It gave me the opportunity to create a list in your comment section. (Hope you don’t mind.)

  24. When The Mask Slips

    Thank you about the no snakes as pets point – couldn’t agree more! Not sure why you think that but I am petrified of snakes and the thought of accidently bumping into one…. dksjbf/;kajbdsgf,.ba.
    Love the blog though :) And the lists of course …

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  26. Shannon Noel Brady

    So far I’ve only read your About page but already your blog is amazing. I will definitely be reading more. Here is a list of my favorite things about this page, because I too like lists:
    #1. There are lists.
    #2. The photo. Omg. Yes.
    #3. Your humor is top-notch.

  27. //a.m

    I love your blog! I hope you don’t mind I nominated you for the Liebster Award, it’s on my blog if you want to check it out. Thanks and have a lovely day!

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