Women Trapped in Gender Roles and Under Cats

I can’t blog tonight because I am physically trapped in a ridiculous situation.


I’m not kidding. It’s absurd.

I can’t blog, but I can post this. It’s got everything:

  • Ladies!
  • Ghosts!
  • Ladies who ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Pretty much just those things, actually, plus a novelty T-shirt and some rage sweat.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try to get this cat off of my face.


  1. The Studious Ninja in Stitches

    My own list for you:
    I loved your video!
    I wish I could have like talked back to you while watching it ;).
    I might have to get back to you, but there was a movie my husband and I brought our children to, and my daughter was fuming afterwards because there were no women in the movie that were driving the plot. (this is going to bother me.. lol)
    The first movie that came to mind that would pass the Bechdel test that I have seen recently is Bad Moms

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