There’s No List Here

Things I’m Sorry About

  1. That I haven’t taken down Big Celery and people are still pushing its agenda and putting it in otherwise perfectly good foods.
  2. That, upon re-reading an email I sent yesterday that was supposed to put someone in their place with righteous indignation, I discovered that what I had actually written was pretty mild-mannered and polite.
  3. How, for the first time ever, a post on this blog does not contain a single list.

Things I’m Not Sorry About

  1. Writing headings that end in dangling prepositions.
  2. The trailer for my new YouTube channel, Life and Steph. Oh, look! There it is, right at the bottom of this blog post. How did that get there?
  3. How I tricked you and this post had two lists in it the whole time. Oh-ho-ho. That Stephanie. What a card.


  1. SilaPrirode

    I was the second subscriber on you channel, I am so hyper now to be at the start of something that I will probably enjoy. Good luck with your new thing and I must say that your voice sounds exactly like it sounded in my head while I read your blog, so that’s good I guess? :D

  2. cracTpot

    I think we should hang out, and not just so I will come across as suave and cool in comparison…unless I actually use the word suave…I don’t think that works anymore…crap, maybe I should just read your blog instead

  3. aintwegotitmade

    I’m definitely gonna subscribe..cos I know it’s gonna be funny! ….but.. I do think that being dead might be more uncomfortable..and much, much more awkward in social situations.

  4. 2summers

    This is only the third YouTube channel I’ve ever subscribed to. The first one was a work thing and the second one belongs to a friend and I subscribed to be nice. So this is kind of the first YouTube channel I’ve ever legitimately subscribed to. Exciting. Congrats.

  5. Todd Duffey Writes on Things

    Your grandma is so lucky… I would never make a Youtube channel for my grandma. She’s dead, so… (awkward)

  6. glen van alkemade

    Hey, you sound as funny as you look!… no, that’s not it.. I mean… you sound as funny as you read, you look like I thought you sound, you read like you look funny — I mean, your blog makes me laugh and so did seeing you… uh,.. You know what I mean. I hope. I’ll just shut up and subscribe now…

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