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Smells Like Teen Spirit

Everyone has nights where they lie awake thinking of every mistake they’ve ever made and cringing at the ceiling. I had one this weekend, thinking of something that happened when I was 15. It was 3am and Rational Brain — the part of me that should have said, “Look, Stephanie. That was 10 years ago. It might be time to let it go.” — had gone to bed at a reasonable hour, so it was just me and Crazy Brain hanging out in the dark, regretting everything.

Crazy Brain, as crazy brains are wont to do, decided that it was vitally important that I track down the journal I kept from ages 14 to 15 to find out what my teenage self had thought about the incident in question. Immediately.

Don't listen to Crazy Brain. It's crazy.

Don’t listen to Crazy Brain. It’s crazy.

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Every Day I Write the Book

When I was 14, I was crazy about my boyfriend, Josh. (Josh, incidentally, carved my name into his forearm with a compass point, so it’s safe to say that if he wasn’t crazy about me, he was at least crazy.) I was also pretty sure I hated him.

Romeo Juliet
14-year-olds: notoriously even-keeled when it comes to romance.

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You Make Me Feel Like I’m Living a Teenage Dream

Today at work I spent more time than I should have turning my boss, “Ike”, into a unicorn.

This is me, not my boss. I didn't want to embarrass him.

This is me, not my boss. I don’t want to embarrass him.

He was so impressed (that might be the wrong word) that he told me I could add ‘Maker of Unicorns’ to my business card.

“As long as the card looks like it was designed by Lisa Frank,” I said, and he stared at me like I was a crazy person.

“You know. Lisa Frank? Oh… I just remembered you weren’t a small girl growing up in the ’90s.”

“No,” he said. “Thank you for acknowledging that.”

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